1. WITHDRAWAL FROM CONTRACT by written notification
The buyer has the right to, within 14 days, notify the company Lisca d.o.o. in written form, that they are withdrawing from contract, onto the e - mail address spletna.trgovina@lisca.si. The fourteen day deadline for the withdrawal from contract begins on the day after the day of receipt / delivery of the ordered goods.
In the electronic notification on the withdrawal from contract, you must unambiguously state the decision to withdraw from contract (along with your name and the date of submitted order) or fill out the form for the withdrawal from contract, which you will find here.

If the buyer has already received the goods and withdraws from contract, they must, without undue delay but at the latest within 14 days, return the goods to the company after the submitted written notification from Paragraph 1. Refund of the received payments, including delivery costs (except for additional costs due to the selection of a type of delivery, which is not the lowest priced standard delivery form), will be carried out by the company immediately or at the latest within 14 days upon receiving the notification on contract withdrawal, by the same means of payment, as was used by the consumer. The consumer may explicitly demand the use of another method of payment on the return form.

In no case does the customer bear any coasts due to this return.

The goods that you wish to return must obligatorily be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and the filled out return form, which you will find here.

Goods with a copy of the invoice and the form must be sent within 14 days of the submission of the notification to the company Lisca d.o.o. 
Address for return by mail:
Lisca d.o.o. 
Prešernova 4
8290 Sevnica
Slovenia – with the annotation Spletna prodaja.

Upon return, the products must be unused, undamaged, unchanged in quantity and in their original packaging.

The costs of the return are paid by the customer. We do not accept packages with shipping payments upon collection for returned goods.

Items with prints or embroidery may not be returned or changed, as they are goods, made to specifics and according to the personal needs of the individual consumer.

Lisca d.o.o. is responsible for material defects (material defects defined in the last paragraph) of the purchased products at the online store Lisca.com. The client notifies the seller of the complaint to the e - mail address spletna.trgovina@lisca.si. The client must describe the defect more specifically in the notification and provide the possibility for the seller to review the item.

We ask the client to fill out the complaint form, which can be found here and add it to the returned goods. They are also required to add a copy of the original invoice. The goods with a copy of invoice and the form must be sent within 14 days after submitting the written notification, to the company Lisca d.o.o.

Lisca d.o.o. will, within eight business days upon the receipt of the written notification of the client, confirm that it had received the complaint and submit its written reply for the solving of the complaint claim.
You may notify us on a complaint due to a material defect of an item within two months from the day, when the defect was discovered.

Lisca d.o.o. is not responsible for material defects on goods, shown after two years from the receipt of the item have passed.

Definition of material defect:

1. an item does not have the characteristics, needed for its normal use or trade;
2. an item does not have characteristics, required for specific use, for which the customer has purchased, which was or should have been known to the seller;
3. an item does not have the characteristics and distinguishing points that were specifically or silently agreed upon or prescribed;
4. a seller delivered an item, which does not match the pattern or design, unless the pattern or design was shown exclusively with the purpose of notification.