Sun creams, sea water or chlorinated water in swimming pools may all cause separately damage to your bathing suit. The destructive effect increases if these factors are combined, and your suit is exposed to the sun or heat – in particular, the elastic band and the elastomer in the material are effected. So please do consider the following instructions,because you will extend the life span of your bathing suit.

1. After use, hand – wash your bathing suit with washing powder  for coloureds or sensitive laundry at 30°C. Rinse it well with clean water.

2. Do not store your bathing suit until completely dry.

3. Bathing suits must be stored in an aired room, never in a plastic bag.

4. Stiff and spongy cup linings must not be crushed when washed. Dry cup linings are laid one into the other, so the primary shape will be preserved.

5. Fluorescent colours normally lose intensity under the influence of sun rays.

6. Gold and lacquer imprint may lose its primary gloss with time. Wash gently with much water.

7. The presence of grease (oil, sun cream, sweat) damages the elastomer, so do pay attention to the instructions for care.