What to wear under white clothes?

In warmer months, we love to wear white clothes. During that time of year, we put the cool winter colours at the bottom of our wardrobe and replace them with neutral shades, mostly with light-coloured and white clothes. This brings us to the problem of choosing suitable lingerie. 


Whether we are talking about tops or trousers, you should avoid white lingerie under white clothes. White lingerie might seem like the logical choice at a first glance and you might have heard this advice from your mother or even grandmother, but the truth is that white lingerie will be even more noticeable under white clothes. The same goes for black lingerie, which is more than obvious under white clothes. 


Not black and not white – what else is left to us? A neutral, nude colour!


Lisca Fashion - Zanna


For the perfect look choose seamless lingerie which matches your skin tone. This way you can avoid unwanted attention and really shine in a white ensemble. Corset briefs are also a good idea under tight trousers, as they create smooth lines and ensure that you look your best.