First Lisca monobrand store in Russia

First Lisca monobrand store in Russia

The first Lisca monobrand store was ceremonially opened in Russia, in the city of Ufi in the shopping mall Arkada on 20 April. Two months of strenuous work had preceded this event.

And now, finally, the opening... Aljona Jelisejeva – the owner of the shop conceived this event very creatively. The shop, new and beautiful, was decorated with balloons and flowers. Each customer could help herself to champagne, strawberries, cupcakes with LISCA logo. All customers were delighted with the shop, service and of course, the collection.

The shop was opened at 3 PM. Ten famous city bloggers were invited to the party: girls and women whose personal blogs are dedicated to beauty, health, sport. Čulpan Kulješova – the founder of BitcoinKlubUfa, Regina Fatkulina – young girl, associate of MFC My documents, Rita – fitness trainer, Olesja Mazur - a well-known blogger in Ufi who writes very interesting posts about life and problems of women and others. All these girls love and wear the brand Lisca.

20 April in Ufi was a real celebration of spring and beauty. The girls talked, recorded videos in our underwear. Many nice words were directed to Aljona, they wished great success to the shop and company Lisca, as well as many good customers who will certainly come back to purchase a new set. Many videos were recorded during the party which were posted on Instagram, Facebook and they will certainly attract many customers to visit the shop.