#Proud To Be Me: Lisca in the center of Ljubljana

#Proud To Be Me: Lisca in the center of Ljubljana
Ljubljana, 8 May 2018 - Lisca organized an unusual event in the centre of Ljubljana - Proud to be me. Women often forget that diversity makes us interesting and special. Whether they are tall or short, fat or thin, with G or AA cups... The body has been given to us and whatever it looks like, we have to accept it and take the most of it. The things that determine us are our specialty, our stories. Regardless of standards in the environment, each of us has something to be proud of.

Eighteen brave girls from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia walked round Prešeren Square in Lisca swimsuits in the mid May, saying that regardless the surrounding, we need to find strength and make sure that we are wonderful just as we are. Adrian is no longer worried about her short height and seductive curves; Barbara claims that she feels excellent despite having a few extra kilos and that she can be a good sportswoman; Elisa has given up diets and complaining, changed her diet and she is finally satisfied with being in her own skin; Špela, who has had speaking problems, encouraged herself and proudly stepped into the world ... Yes, women are amazing and powerful, and we can transfer that positive energy to others and start shining.

And as we can see, we will actually be able to glow on the beaches, regardless our shape. Swimwear trends announce bright colours, tropical prints, ethno pattern and elegant details. We will be equally modern in our one-piece swimsuits or bikinis, especially if we walking on the beaches holding our heads up high - proud of ourselves.

Participate in the prize game between 16 May and 10 June 2018 and win a €500 gift certificate or a Lisca or Cheek by Lisca bikini set.

#Proud to be me
#Ponosna nase