It is a fact, that it's mostly women who enjoy shopping. A Saturday shopping spree with a friend, which begins with coffee and ends with an empty wallet and a car full of shopping bags. Between the first and the second, they chat, explore, daydream and save the world. With men, the story is often somewhat different. They shop pragmatically, they are loyal to that, which is comfortable and would rather buy more at one time. Every men's wardrobe will contain the same kinds of clothes in different colours, right? Losing time and opportunities with countless combinations simply is not practical. That is why, dear shoppers, in your private schedule of shopping and visiting all kinds of stores, let us devote some attention to our princes. They, too, deserve a little something and do not forget, your shopping habits will be better accepted if one of the bags that you bring home also includes a little sign of gratitude for their patience. :)

Upon purchase of two Lisca Men products, we will give you men's boxers as a gift.

The action takes place between September 16th and September 30th 2015, in the online store, where, upon the purchase of two Lisca Men items (male undergarments or pyjamas), we will give you grey men's boxers as a gift.*

*Received gifted boxers cannot be exchanged for another size or product.

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